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My name is Kissa and I am a gamer girl that is addicted to the color purple. I've been playing Guild Wars 2 since September 1st, 2012 but also played Guild Wars 1. I am part of the multi-gaming guild Gaiscioch.com though in the past I was a founding guild leader for 2 years in another guild. I have been a Beta Tester for The Sims Online back in 2002.

When I'm not gaming, I'm working my business where I guide entrepreneurs to see their vision come alive through website development, branding, graphic design, social media consulting and by using emerging technologies to fully leverage their time and resources.

I've created this website to showcase all my characters that I have spend so much time, gold and effort in. They (almost) all  have the name Kissa in them plus some form of purple (be it shade or in another language) in their name.

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My Characters



Purplekissa is a level 80, Sylvari Elementalist that is 1260 days old.

Character02-Kissa Amethyst

Kissa Amethyst

Kissa Amethyst is a level 80, Asura Ranger that is 1216 days old.

Character03-Kissa Porpra

Kissa Porpra

Kissa Porpra is a level 80, Human Thief that is 1215 days old.

Character04-Kissa of Purpleonia

Kissa of Purpleonia

Kissa of Purpleonia is a level 80, Human Theif that is 1105 days old.

Character05-Illusionist Kissa

Illusionist Kissa

Illusionist Kissa is a level 80, Asura Mesmer that is 1033 days old.

Character06-Kissa Purpura

Kissa Púrpura

Kissa Púrpura is a level 80, Norn Warrior that is 882 days old.



Kíssa is a level 80, Charr Guardian that is 881 days old.

Character08-Kissa Violetine

Kissa Violetiné

Kissa Violetiné is a level 80, Sylvari Necromancer that is 851 days old.

Character09-Kissa Porffor

Kissa Porffor

Kissa Porffor is a level 80, Norn Engineer that is 820 days old.

Character10-Kissa Pourpre

Kissa Pourpre

Kissa Pourpre is a level 80, Human Revenant that is 97 days old.

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